Research vision

Peace research, both fundamental scientific studies and policy-oriented research, is the basic pillar of the Institute's work.

The Flemish Peace Institute takes a broad approach to peace research. The Institute's research is multidisciplinary and is conducted in two major programmes, which report on the state of affairs and identify trends in society.

The Institute's research is carried out with two complementary approaches: a problem-solving approach and a critical one. The problem-solving procedure examines the problematic situation and then investigates solutions. In the critical approach, the research studies the essential conditions of an established problem and makes underlying assumptions explicit.

Based on its research vision, the Institute studies topics in various projects and programmes. These are conducted both in-house and by external researchers. The Flemish Peace Institute is actively engaged in two major research programmes:

1. In its 'Arms Trade and Arms Production' programme the Peace Institute studies the regulatory framework for the national and international arms trade and follows up developments in arms production and the arms trade.

2. In its 'Peace & Society' programme the Peace Institute studies the prerequisite conditions for peace by focusing on processes that influence the development of a peace culture, from a local as well as international and transnational perspectives.