Advisory notes

  • 24/09/2007 Principles of good government in arms export control policies: the introduction of administrative time limits for the assessment of licences

    For the purpose of establishing optimal cooperation between the public administration and industry, an efficient licensing procedure, and enhanced transparency of the process and the duration of the procedure, the Flemish Peace Institute recommends that predefined administrative time-limits be fixed for the processing of licence applications for the export and transhipment of military materials and of dual-use goods.

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  • 26/02/2007 Government support for military projects in Flanders

    Within the framework of preparatory research aimed at laying the foundation of a Flemish peace economy, the Peace Institute takes position concerning Flemish government support for military projects. After an analysis of the existing instruments, the institute advises to inhibit public funding of military projects and to strengthen the parliamentary control on economic government support.

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  • 23/01/2007 Enhancing cooperation to strengthen export controls

    By regionalising the competence to grant export licenses for military material, Belgium has increased the amount of actors involved in export control policy. This advisory note of the Flemish Peace Institute advocates a strengthened cooperation between the various departments that are involved in the export control policy. The institute is convinced that inter-departmental, intra-departmental and international cooperation can perform better and that the lack of formal agreements between involved departments is a mayor obstacle. One cannot simply rely on ad hoc mechanisms, individuals getting along or personal initiative, but a system must be put in place which enables, facilitates and requires cooperation.

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  • 05/12/2006 Advice concerning the policy letter 2006-'07 of the minister competent for foreign arms trade

    The annual policy letter of the minister competent for the licences for import, export and transit of weapons, ammunition and material especially intended for military or order-maintaining purposes and for related technologies includes a list of situations for which the advice of the Peace Institute is requested. Following the advice of the Peace Institute, parliament will debate upon this policy letter resulting in a resolution for the Flemish Government.

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