• Flemish foreign arms trade 2016: summary

    Author(s):   Diederik Cops

    The Flemish Peace Institute analysed the Flemish government’s interpretation of assessment criteria for arms exports. This document summarizes the findings. In addition, it provides an overview of recent figures on the size and character of Flemish foreign arms trade. The publications (in Dutch) are available  in full text on

    - 19/10/2017 , 6 p.

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  • Towards Europeanised arms export controls?

    Towards Europeanised arms export controls? Comparing control systems in EU Member States

    Author(s):   Diederik Cops, Nils Duquet, Gregory Gourdin

     This study focuses on the regulation of the international trade in military equipment, both within the EU and to non-EU countries. It aims to identify the extent to which European regulatory initiatives have succeeded in increasing the level of European harmonisation of national arms export control systems.

    - 15/06/2017 - ISBN 9789078864851 , 218 p.

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  • Armed to kill

    Author(s):   Nils Duquet

    Brussels - 27/06/2016 - ISBN 978907886481306 , 44 p.

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  • Guns for sale: the Belgian illicit gun market in a European perspective

    Author(s):   Nils Duquet & Maarten Van Alstein

    Brussels - 21/03/2016 - ISBN 978907886 , 21 p.

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