Seminar ‘Legislative oversight of defence and security in Belgium’


Together with Transparency International, the Flemish Peace Institute orgnanized a seminar with experts and Belgian parliamentarians discussing the parliamentary control on defence and security.

In January 2013 Transparency International UK published a report on the risk of corruption in the defence and security sector in 82 different nation-states. The report is founded on the observation that corruption within the defence and security sectors is dangerous and wasteful and detrimental to public confidence.

Belgium is not included in the study. As a para-parliamentary institute, the Flemish Peace Institute aimed to explore the possibilities of this research for the Flemish and Belgian context: (1) by investigating the methodology applied by Transparency International UK and (2) by holding an additional debate with members of parliament and experts on the importance of democratic control of the defence and security sectors.

The seminar which took place on 18 February 2014. During the morning session, Dr. Oliver Cover provided an illustration of the research by Transparency International for a panel of researchers connected to different institutes. An afternoon session provided a forum to explore different themes and recommendations together with members of parliament.